Not a fun subject matter… but it needs to be said.


So I keep seeing people freaking out about sonograms/ultrasounds being required for abortions. That they are unnecessary While I agree that descriptions should not be required as some states are trying to do. Neither should the patient have to look at the screen or even have the screen with in view. There are some pretty valid safety reasons for having an imaging procedure prior to a D&E.

A standard pregnancy test can not tell you if a pregnancy is ectopic. Like wise a standard D&E will not resolve the issue of an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancies are very dangerous and can be fatal if not caught in  timely manner. They are not as rare as many may think. There are other serious issues that can arise during the procedure so having a doctor who actually has an idea of the layout is a good thing.

Is it a fun thing to have to have done on top of a really not fun procedure? No, but it is just one more step to ensure that you survive it all. Anyone can have an ectopic pregnancy. Anyone. In fact a friend of mine is in surgery right now because she was stupid and got a back alley abortion. She was raped and was too ashamed and scared to report it and get real help and an idiot gave her the info for an OBG who had lost their license but was doing abortions for $40 a pop.

It all went okay… You know except they didn’t do an ultrasound and the pregnancy was ectopic. Oh and she got an infection from it being a non sterile environment. Then of course she waited till the last possible second to go to the doctor cause she was afraid and more ashamed now about getting a cheap dirty abortion. She is in the hospital fighting for her life right now.

Please stop fighting the mandatory ultrasound/sonogram with abortion. It really can save lives… and really wouldn’t you rather be uncomfortable for 5more minutes then find out the whole ordeal was pointless and now your life is in serious danger?

Also for fucks sakes stop trying to get rid of abortion. All it does is make the safe options go away. There always have been, and always will be people with rudimentary skills and no scruples more than willing to break the law and make a buck providing services that society has deemed taboo.

While we’re at it can we stop perpetuating a society where we shame and vilify victims of rape. Making them feel like they don’t have any safe options? This is not a society I care to live in anymore