A sad day… for everyone


Tonight I am sad. I am sad because a grand jury gave indisputable proof that not only is our justice system fatally flawed but racism has too hard of a grip on our nation.

I am a Caucasian mother of two blond haired little girls. I do not have the same fears for my girls that the mother of a black boy will have. I will, because they are girls have a whole different set of unfair worries. It’s too much. This sliding scale of inequity. This idea that one life has more meaning because of the color of their skin. It has to be stopped. A boy can’t even walk home unnamed and be safe from being shot repeatedly, and once that happens there will be no justice. No closure for the parents. No sense that at least someone will pay for killing their baby boy. Not even a hope that someone will be punished in any real way.

I want to scream and stomp make my voice heard. Let it be known that this is not acceptable. instead I will cry… and I will write and I will make damn sure that my girls no that we are all equal skin color, nationality, gender etc do not change your worth as a human being and never should.

My thoughts are with those who are directly affected, with those who are not directly affected but feel the hurt that this decision will cause. I hope that the aftermath causes a change for the good. That no more innocent lives are lost in vain.



2 thoughts on “A sad day… for everyone

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