A sad day… for everyone


Tonight I am sad. I am sad because a grand jury gave indisputable proof that not only is our justice system fatally flawed but racism has too hard of a grip on our nation.

I am a Caucasian mother of two blond haired little girls. I do not have the same fears for my girls that the mother of a black boy will have. I will, because they are girls have a whole different set of unfair worries. It’s too much. This sliding scale of inequity. This idea that one life has more meaning because of the color of their skin. It has to be stopped. A boy can’t even walk home unnamed and be safe from being shot repeatedly, and once that happens there will be no justice. No closure for the parents. No sense that at least someone will pay for killing their baby boy. Not even a hope that someone will be punished in any real way.

I want to scream and stomp make my voice heard. Let it be known that this is not acceptable. instead I will cry… and I will write and I will make damn sure that my girls no that we are all equal skin color, nationality, gender etc do not change your worth as a human being and never should.

My thoughts are with those who are directly affected, with those who are not directly affected but feel the hurt that this decision will cause. I hope that the aftermath causes a change for the good. That no more innocent lives are lost in vain.



Recharging my bateries


I went into the mountains this weekend. To celebrate the birthday of a dear friend and to have some time out in nature with some great people.

I am nigh on a hermit The girls are a handful to start, then there are my health issues. So my usual excursions into the world consist of things for the children, Costco, Target, and Doctors appointments. When I am not feeling like defrosted poop I try to get out and do something once month but that doesn’t always pan out. So this weekend was much-needed social interaction.

My friends cabin. Is a family retreat built by her family it has plumbing and electricity a full kitchen…but no internet access very limited cell service, no TV. We make our own fun and actually interacted with each other!

There is something about the environment a good ways up into the mountains right next the river. Fully taking advantage of our Pacific North west location. It’s breathtaking. I always find going out into nature so invigorating. This time was no different.

I spend two nights up there with some really great people. It was the perfect combination of personalities and environment for some great conversations and top-notch memories. Friday and Saturday night were all about the food and socializing me a couple of people managed to stay up till 4 playing a game called cards against humanity with the 3rd party expansion packs by crabs adjust humidity hours and hours of demented hilarious fun.


If you have never played Cards Against Humanity go to this link print out the printable pack give it a try. If you like it; which most do, then buy it. The main set and the bigger blacker box are a must. I would try to get every expansion you can get your hands on as well. The more cards the more opportunities you have to show your friends how truly demented you are and visa versa. New expansions and even the beginning set do sell out so grab what you can and check back regularly for new stuff


Even after going to sleep so late I was still up at before 9 I did a little clean up and started a pot of coffee for the coffee drinkers went and sat by the river and just took in the beauty of my surroundings in the crisp morning air. Then just quietly read for a while with the occasional break for a chat or to love on the adorable 1yr old malamute puppy (whom was the best behaved dog ever and I am now completely in love with) that belonged to a great couple that I got to meet on this excursion

I feel recharged. Now that I’m home, a suburban neighborhood of Greater Seattle. I appreciate my life here more. I feel lighter than when I left Friday. Like several pounds of stress has been lifted off my shoulders. The drudgery and frustrations I felt the last week. They don’t seem so big of a deal today. I missed my husband the kids (both fur and fleshy) something fierce but I came back to them a much more chill centered and functional mommy. So I think totally worth the short-term separation.

My back is absolutely killing due to unconventional or rustic seating and my already broken body… but I figure it’s a small price to pay for emotional well being



The windows in the morning

What I’ve learned on my mini break:

There are amazing people in the world talk to them learn new things

I need a jaunt through nature at least once a month even if it’s just a day drive through The Pass or to The Falls. Something where I can, and will, be able to recharge my emotional and physical batteries on nature. I need it.

I need to set aside some time each day for myself where I’m not plugged in to something electronic.

I say it every time I go to a cabin up in mountains but this time I really mean it. Someday I will have a cabin of my own!

I am demented but all the best people are

Oatmeal Dream Bars


I woke up with the desire  to bake but nothing I had a recipe for was satisfying my yen. So I decided to modify a recipe I had and modify it to fit my desires. This came out of  basic oatmeal peanut butter bar recipe and my devious mind.


2cups brown sugar

1/2 cup butter

1 1/3 cup chocolate hazelnut butter

1 1/2 cup gf oats

1/2 cup gf baking flour

1/2 cup almond flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

14oz sweetened condensed milk

1 cup sliced or chopped almonds.

First cream butter and brown sugar. Then slowly combine hazel nut butter, flours, baking soda, and oats. Once the mixture is well combined press evenly into a greased 8×12 pan. Bake at 350 for 5min pull out and pour condensed milk evenly over the top and put back into the oven for 10 min or sprinkle almond on top and back for 2 additional minutes or until milk looks like caramel and almonds are golden