When you go looking for evil that is what you find


I’ve reached a breaking point. I really want to write a blog about what is going on with the whole #GamerGate fiasco and the  implications. I got into a conversation today and yesterday that really disturbed me. There are a lot of people who seem to think this issue is only about video games. That is so not the case.

This is not about throwing fits over gaming reviews and gamer rights. It’s about how women are being treated. The stream of vile profanities, abuse, and threats being flung at these women. Not just in private but all over the internet. These women’s lives are being eviscerated, because a few guys don’t like their points of view. I’ll get into it more later but now this is about the fall out from research.

There is so much out there on the things these women and their families are being put through. When you did deeper and you look for more it’s everywhere. The things that people do. The names called. The things done to children. I can’t help but feel that we have failed as a culture as whole the human race has failed. Failed to be basically good.

I’m going to try to weed through all the information and give you a cohesive picture of what is wrong. Of where we need to change and how to move forward. I fear it will take longer to crank it out than I thought, but I am committed to this. I think this is so important and I don’t want to fall short on this. Humanity is scary.

Source: New feed

Source: New feed