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To All who use the bible as a reason to spread hate, intollerence, bigotry, and fear.

November 15
by Rachel 15. November 2012 12:23

Hi, My name is Rachel I grew up Christian. My parents were raised Catholic. They met a Grace bible college. My Father is an ex-reverend. I spent most of my childhood in church be it for chior, bible study, Awana clubs, or sunday school. I have actually read the whole bible cover to cover not just studied excerpts that fit what I chose to adhere to. I still see myself as Christian, but I don't go to church anymore. There are too many who use their faith to make themselves feel superior. That is not what religion, in any form, should be about. Your faith or relationship with God, doesn't make you any better or worse than anyone else. Your relationship with god should be just that. Not an excuse to judge or look down on others.

Now My biggest beef is people quoting the bible to rationalize their hate. Let me fill you in on something. There is a progression in the bible. God changes, a lot, from the begining to the end. Are there places where God lays down the law and is harsh and vengeful. Heck yes there are , but there are also places where God is kind compassionate and understanding. If you actually read the book you will notice that most of reigning fire and brimstone is at the begining. Our begining. There is a period of trial and error between us and God. Where got is teaching us and learning himself how to deal with us. It's like any parent child relationship. There are the baby and childhood years where we are testing the waters and figuring out what we can get away with and where God is setting boundries. Figuring out through trial and error what works best to teach us. I mean through out the Bible there is obvious growth in who God is. The God Flooded the earth, who Killed all the first born of Egypt, etc. Is a different person than the God who sent Jesus (God's Son, a form of God) to die for our sin. Jesus Christ saved and stood up for prostitutes, Destroyed a temple because they had bcome too self righteous and  more conserned with appearances and wealth, and righteousness that they no longer cared for the people. Sounds a little like some of those Christians out there claiming they have righteousness on their side. In the End Jesus didn't seem too conserned with righteousness so why are we. He even said "Judge not lest ye be judged" and "Let he who is free of sin cast the first stone." I'm sorry but in the 21st century it is neigh on impossible to be free of sin especially if you want to quote from the old testiment on what is considered a sin.

We as a people have grown and changed over centuries. In behaviours in norms in understanding what is good for us and bad for us. I think God gets that. I think God understands us more. I think got is fine with Gays and gay marriages because... If God made us than he made Gay. God also gave us free will. That means we have a choice in weather we beleive in God, or in anything. We get to choose how we live our lives, What we do with our bodies, and how we chose to beleive and worship.

 Now. Oh, Judgmental ones. What we are not given is the right to judge. So STOP it. Live and let live. Live your life acording to what you beleive and leave others to do the same. When laws are passed to uphold gay marriages and give gays rights. Or abortians remain legal and covered by insurance. It is not an attack on your faith. It is not taking anything away from you. It is however upholding God's gift of free will. Let others make their choices you are only in control of you. So be the best you know how to be. Be kind compassionate and caring. You know "Christian" comes from "Christ" and Christians are always touting the importence of living your life in a "Christ like way" find me one example of Jesus Christ, incouraging hate, intollerance and segrigation. No seriously show me one example and I will shut up and move on. Until then this is my stance and as long as I see billbords and lawn signs promoting hate through religion. As long as I keep getting e-mails about how I can still be saved if I "repent my gay enabling ways". As long as Women's Clinic's that provide abortions as well as other services are under attack. I will not shut up about it. I will not stand idoly by while people I care about are hurt and made to feel less than human. You know why? Cause that is what Jesus would do.


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Losing a Mother

September 08
by Rachel 8. September 2012 07:53

My mother tonight over stepped some boundries, and now I am not sure if I can even call her my mother. This may have been the straw that broke the camels back. She is filled with hate anger and bitterness and it spills over on to me, my love, and my children. On far too often an occaision for my tastes anymore.

I can no longer hear from her how horrible and neglectful of a parent I am in one breath then how I'm over bearing and too hands on the next. I will not be told how horrible a person I am or how slutty a dresser I am just because she is having a bad day and needs to take her anger out on someone. I'm not a theraputic instument. Her issues with my dad can not be resolved by verbally abusing me and dumping beverags over my head or physically attacking me. I will no longer stand by and let undermine me and my authority wth my children.

I'm done. Until she can get her shit straitened out I will have nothing to doo with her and my children wil have no contact with her.

It is startleing how big of a difference in personality my daughter has suffered in the last few months here. It's attrocious and my mom seems to think it is me that is the problem. My Daughter had become a horrid poor sport. Every time she wins a game with my mother my mother pouts and accuses fiona of cheating. She say's she's joking but how is that funny or good behavior to teach a child even in jest. My mother throws full on tantrums when she is frustrated and defends them as her right to express her emotions. Both Fiona and Lyra have become very easily prone to trowing vilent temper tantrums as of late. My mother desides she doesn't feel like eating dinner and says if she's not hungry she doesnt have to eat  and Fiona has lost a scary amoount of weight and argues with me constantly about not liking foods and not wanting to eat....But yeah I'm the reason my children are aacting up and having isssues lately

Well then I guess I better do something about that. I will remove the bad influence. I will no longer let others teach my child that horrific behavior is an any way ok. My Mother will no longer be involved in my life or with my family


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September 04
by Rachel 4. September 2012 18:15

Next July I will be legally a Mrs... I'm trying to be efficiant and getting as much done as I can early. I will be sending out invites early to the the people I know I need to invite in a first early mailing and then once the RSVP's come in send out a second mailing to those who I really wanted to invite but just didn't orriginally have the space or $ in the budget for it. I got an E-mail today from an old friend who I haven't spoken to really in years. It turns out she is on the same wedding planning forum I am on and read about me planning on doing an A& B guest list. So she felt the need to email me and chew me out about how stupid and rude doing that was and if I didn't have the class to send her a A list invite then she wasn't going to be coming. Well that is just fine cause I wasn't planing on inviteing her. She is just starting on her planning and maybe doesn't get how expensive each guest can be at a wedding. When you have a budget like I do you have to stick to the amount of guests you can afford to provide the best experience for. It's not that I''m trying to be rude or slight anyone put I have a hard and fast guest limit of 150, and ettiquete demands that I invite family first and foremost, close friends, and work associates. Then if there is space the acquaintances and people I'd like to be there I'm sorry but some random person that I barely could stand in highschool doesn't qualify for The B list let alone the A list. And My friends who I want to be at "MY" day will get that if I can I will invite them and have them there. I don't want to be bridezilla I want to enjoy every moment of planning and every moment of my wedding and I want the people who come to my wedding to be those I love and who love me

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Confronting the Image in the Mirror... and in My Mind

August 23
by Rachel 23. August 2012 01:41

I'm not happy with my body at this point in my life. I've always been somewhat ambivalent about my appearance, but always felt that when I tried, I could look great. My weight has always fluctuated and I've almost always been oblivious. When I put on a few extra pounds. I didn't notice till after I lost those “extra pounds”. I used to be able to joke about not being super skinny and would refer to extra weight as “excess skinny” but I was always happy with myself.

Now I'm having some serious self image issues. I feel hideous on a fairly regular basis. I want to cry when I get dressed, or try on clothes. I feel I've got what is commonly referred to as “mom body”. I've got the exaggerated stomach pooch after having a couple of kids and my arms...Well, lets just say I'm growing wings. I used to be an hour glass now I'm more of a cheese log on toothpicks. Cellulite in all sorts of places where I'd rather it weren't. Occasionally I'll get “dolled up” and I'll leave the house feeling great but then I'll catch a glimpse of my reflection in a window or see myself in a bathroom mirror and it's not the same image I saw when I was getting ready. The one I see once I'm out, makes me want to run home and cry. I hate it. I used to be confident in my appearance. Now I just can't seem to shake this bad self image no matter what I do or how many compliments my Fiancé gives me.

I want to work out. I want to get back my body, but I've never really been a big exercise routine person. Well, that's not true. I just never have kept it up for too terribly long. I used to go out dancing and that helped keep me in shape. Now, with my health declining and the kids wearing me out I just don't have the time or energy for either.

So I'm going to try something different. I haven't been been taking care of myself very well. After being told by one to many people that I need to do so. I'm going to start taking Hot Yoga classes. Once a week in the evening I'm going to take some "me time" and take care of myself. So I can better take care of others. I may even extend it to morning classes on the weekend, while everyone else sleeps. Hopefully the calming stretching and detoxifying heat will help with a lot of things that have been ailing me. Hopefully my mind, body, spirit, and self image will benefit from the experience

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Big Boob Blues

August 20
by Rachel 20. August 2012 15:04

So on a forum where I'm a fairly regular contributer, someone posted a subject titled "Underwear". In this post she extoled the tribulations of finding cute matching bra's and panties at a reasonable price. She woefully wrote that Victoria Secret stuff while cute she just couldn't see spending $30 for a cute bra. That got me all up in arms. I can't shop at Victoria Secrets and would kill to be able to spend only $30 on a cute bra. I am a 32DDDD, 32FF or 32G it's all the same really. However not a size usually found in nature apearantly. When you do find bra's there isn't a lot of choice. They are $60-80 unless you want to order online from a foreign website. Seriously having big boobs sucks.

Women with smaller boobs enjoy it. You can run in comfort. You don't have chronic back pain associated with carring around massive mamory glands. Your boobs will remain pert and perky cause you dont have the massive weight bearing them down. Gravity is the ultimate enemy of the large brested. My ta ta's, unless properly suported, will be at my knees by the time I'm 40. You can buy push up bras and cute paterned lacy bra's oh and pretty lingere.

Victoria Secret's sizes stop at DDD. Soma has 3 styles and they don't cary them in store. You have to order online. Nordstrom carries a few brands but it seems like everytime I find one I like they discontinue carrying it, and they are never cheap. I'm lucky if I find one on the clearance rack for $40. Really how pretty or great do you feel when you have to shop constantly on the clearance rack for your underwear? "oh yeah I'm feeling supper confident in discontinued styles that no one wanted so they got marked down" Yeah not so much really.

I have found a site that carries brands I like and has really good sales now and again. I really prefer trying my bra's on before purchasing but you can't always get what you want. If you have a similar problem as me is a great place. It also has good prices on clothes swim wear, mens undies & clothes,  and "regular" sized bras as well.

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Dublin Honey Mustard Bacon Wrapped Chicken

August 13
by Rachel 13. August 2012 17:15

So this is something I came up with one night and it has become Leonard and Fiona's favorite dish I make.

You will need:

a glass casserole dish

as many chicken tenders as you and your family will consume(aproximately 2-3) 

a slice of bacon for each chicken tender a

1/2 a cup Dijon mustars and a

1/3cup honey

1tsp balsamic vinegar

1/2tsp cider vinegar

1/2tsp ground black pepper

1/2tsp garlic salt

a pinch of cayanne peper

A chunk of Kerry Gold Dublin Cheddar(enough to place a nice sized slice on top of each chicken tender)

A can of wax beans (or 1/4 lb fresh if you wat to get fancy)

2 ripe avacados(optional)


First slice your cheese and get the bacon layed out. It will make life easier. Pre heat your oven to 375. Then combine the wet ingredients and spices in the botom of your caserole dish combine well & taste(add more of anything to make to your personal taste). Add and generously coat your chicken tenders. Add wax beans and get them coated as well. Now take each tender and place a slice of cheese on top and wrap entire thing with a slice of bacon(some times you have to manipulate and stretch the bacon out a little but it's worth the effort to have bacon in every bite) Place back into the caserole dish and coat again with honey mustard. now place in oven for 30-45min till bacon on top looks crispy and the cheese is all melted and combined into the sauce over the beans. If bacon doesn't seem crispy enough after 45min broil for 2min.

While the chiken is baking take the two avacado's and mash them well add salt & pepper to taste once the chicken is cooled enough to sever spoon avacado over the top of each peice of chicken and serve with a generouse scoop of beans

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Rachel’s Cheesy Bacon Potato Soup & Honey Mustard Spring Mix Salad

August 11
by Rachel 11. August 2012 13:00

These are my new favorite recipes and it’s all GF!

Rachel’s Cheesy Bacon Potato Soup

Makes three good sized bowls

½ cup Aged White Cheddar (I used a Black Pepper corn specialty cheese but Irish cheddar or any aged cheddar would be nice)

1 ½ cup Gouda

4 strips Bacon (save 3tblsp of rendered fat)

½ cup ½ & ½ Cream

1 ½ Milk (whole, 2% 1% whatever floats your boat)

2 cups Chicken Stock

2 Cloves of Roasted Garlic

3tblsp Rice Flour

2tblsp Apple Cider Vinegar

3 Small Red Potatoes diced (leave skins on it’s good fiber!)


Splash olive oil

Preheat oven to 350 cut cloves of garlic in half drizzle oil and sprinkle with pepper wrap in aluminum foil and roast in oven for 45min. Start about 30 min before you really start cooking

Bake bacon on a rack in roasting pan in oven along with garlic until golden brown & crisp (15 min). Plate bacon on a paper towel( to absorb excess fat). Take 3tblsp of the rendered bacon fat and put into pot add pepper bring burner up to a medium heat and add flour to make a rue. Once rue is smooth add 1/4cup of stock and stir till no chunks are left add chopped potato cover and let potatoes cook for about ten minutes. Add roasted garlic. Bring down heat to medium-low. Slowly alternate adding stock, cheese, and milk raising heat as you go and stirring constantly. Break up all but half of one strip of bacon (set ½ strip of bacon aside for salad) add to soup, Stir making sure bacon is well incorporated. Bring heat back down to medium cover and let cook 3-5 min to let the bacon flavor sink in. Add vinegar and pepper to taste and bring head down to medium-low cover and let simmer for another few minutes and serve!

Honey Mustard Spring Mix Salad

Rachel’s Tangy Honey Mustard Dressing

1 part Dijon Mustard

1 part Deli Style Spicy Mustard

2 parts Basic Yellow Mustard

2 parts Honey

2 parts Plain Greek Yogurt

A splash of Apple Cider Vinegar



50/50 spring mix

Hardboiled Egg Chopped

½ strip Bacon(stolen from soup bacon)

Optional Extras

1/5 cup Honey Roasted Sunflower Seeds

A diced avocado

Toss ingredients together in a bowl. Drizzle dressing over top toss plate and enjoy!



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